A jazz musician is murdered and dismembered in the UK after reporting that a drug dealer killed his cat


8 abr 2021 02:57 GMT

A witness for the prosecution testified Wednesday that the 19-year-old suspect confessed to having stabbed trumpeter William Algar Barnes.

In London, a jazz trumpeter was stabbed to death and quartered after he sued a drug dealer for killing his cat, prosecutors told the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales. The remains of 53-year-old William Algar Barnes were found on January 3, 2020 at his home in the southwest of the British capital, wrapped in a bloodstained duvet.

According to the authorities, the musician, also known as ‘Blaise’, was murdered in December 2019 along with another man, Ebrima Cham, for his alleged involvement in the drug trade, informs MyLondon. Four men are on trial for the murders. Thus, a 19-year-old young man, whose identity has not been disclosed, is accused of the Algar and Cham murders, the latter crime with the complicity of 33-year-old Zimele Dube. Simon Emmons, 40, is charged with Cham’s death and perverting the course of justice by disposing of Algar’s limbs. Finally, Janayo Lucima, 18, is accused of perverting the course of justice. They all deny the charges against them.

They find the body of a woman who disappeared more than a week ago and a policeman is the main suspect, in a case that shocks the United Kingdom

Philip Ross, a witness for the prosecution, declared this Wednesday during a judicial hearing that the main suspect, 19 years old, confessed to having stabbed the musician, pick up Daily Mail. “He said he pulled out a knife […] and it was ‘either him or me,’ “said prosecutor Crispin Aylett, citing the witness.” He told Ross that he had dragged Blaise’s body into the bathroom and then put him in the bathtub, “he added.

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According to Ross, the young man revealed that he could not dispose of the body because he was “alone” in the apartment and then returned to the trumpeter’s house together with Emmons, who allegedly dismembered the corpse, leaving the head and torso attached and wrapped in a quilt , but with the limbs severed, which were later found in the Hounslow Heath nature reserve.

In addition, the witness confirmed, the accused informed him that the musician also was involved in supplying drugs, but at a higher level in the chain than him. He explained that the young man used to go to his apartment for what he called a “recharge” and that there was an argument with the trumpeter before his murder.

Previously, the prosecutor also revealed that Algar, who had mental health problems and used class A drugs for several years, had started selling heroin and cocaine.

For now, the trial continues.

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