A Russian judge reportedly left his post after the online disclosure of a photo of her topless.

Irina Devayeva 's phone was allegedly hacked before the spread of the image and shown to her colleagues.

Moscow court officials said she had resigned "at her own request" in March.

However, according to Znak.com sources, district and country court presidents forced Devayeva to step down.

A source told the site, "This photo was taken well before Devayeva [in 2016] has become a judge.

"Devayeva has not published this photo anywhere.It can be presumed that his iPhone 10 was hacked, that a photo was taken and presented to the president.

"Of course, she was forced to write a resignation letter."

The picture was seen by his colleagues

Devayeva had been pressured as a result of a decision taken in August 2018 to transfer from home detention two teenagers accused of belonging to an alleged extremist group.

She also had a "tense relationship" with her superiors.

When he was contacted by Znak.com, a man answered Devayeva's phone and told him that she did not wish to comment.

Social media users said that it was Devayeva who had been a victim, his phone would have been hacked to access the incriminating images.

One of them said: "Hacking a phone is not an offense, right? And what about the right to privacy? Or the old one Soviet hypocrisy has never disappeared? Or is it just that the expression "honest judge" is now an oxymoron? "

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