A long weekend is coming with warm weather and some clouds

For this weekend, temperatures and pleasant days are expected in the Upper Valley. Without suffocating heat, some clouds and breezes that will allow you to enjoy the find largo outdoors, without suffering the heat.

According to the Interjurisdictional Basin Authority (AIC) for this Saturday maximum temperatures of 28 degrees are expected and with some clouds during the afternoon. In addition, wind gusts of up to 44 km / h will be recorded. By night, the sky will be overcast and the maximum will be 22 degrees.

Meanwhile, a maximum of 31 degrees and the sky partially cloudy during the afternoon are forecast for Sunday. During the day, the gusts will be light, with a maximum of 21 km / h. in the afternoon and 12 km / h. at sunset. However, the panorama will change towards the night, when maximums of up to 58 km / h are estimated. with clear skies and highs of 26 degrees.

The long weekend will arrive on Monday with maximums of 31 degrees and the sky mostly clear during the day, while at night the maximum will be 22 degrees. The wind will be present throughout the holiday, with gusts of up to 54 km / h. in the day and 45 km / h. towards the night.

Although this Friday night the storm threatened to reach the region, for the weekend no rain is expected in any of its forms.

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