A lot was shown about Overwatch 2, but not its release date


By: Sebastian Guadalupe (MS) | 20-02-21

Overwatch 2 has shown a lot of its content, including its maps and missions, but its launch still seems a long way off.

Fans of Overwatch they were very excited to see more of the sequel, especially at the BlizzConline opening ceremony. And so the fans connected and were prepared for the moment of truth… the moment that did not come. Yes, Blizzard preferred to focus on World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Diablo during the key moment of the event. It is not a very nice way to express affection and appreciation to your fans. However, they still gave him a behind-the-scenes video showing new gameplay and new information about Overwatch 2.

The first thing they revealed were maps like Rome and New York. Considering that the first game was characterized by maps based on real sites, it is interesting to see these cities being represented in Overwatch. It would be great to see Latin American cities, like Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Arequipa and Barranquilla, but that’s another matter. As for the characters, guys like McCree and Pharah have been given slightly different designs. McCree’s beard is longer and Pharah has a transparent visor. The most striking change is that of Widowmaker, since his costume has more details and is less exaggerated.

Overwatch 2

These are just some of the changes described. There seems to be a lot of effort in establishing a narrative and making changes to the various characters. The Overwatch team has taken seriously that Overwatch 2 should feel like an evolution of the first installment. Will they be able to do it satisfactorily? The only way to know is to wait until … actually, the date is not known. The only thing is, it probably won’t be released this year. If you are a fan of this brand, you will have a lot to enjoy… in a while.

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