According to the Daily Mail, Matthew Casto, 18, was arrested last week after a woman discovered that he was inside the attic. After being spotted, Casto ran into the room of his 14 year old daughter and refused to leave the residence of Mount Juliet. The police arrived at the scene and forcibly removed Casto.

An investigator reported that Casto had lived in the attic for a short time and had snuck into the 14-year-old girl's bedroom at night in the closet. He warned by police after being asked for the first time to stay away from the teenager when she escaped from his home on May 29.

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The girl's identity was not revealed because of her age and the police did not reveal the nature of the relationship between Casto and the girl.

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Casto was arrested on June 6 for charging an aggravated criminal offense, but posted a $ 2,000 bail from Wilson County Jail on June 6. He is scheduled to appear in court this week.

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An 18-year-old boy was secretly living in an attic above the 14-year-old closet, only going out at night.