The council said they had "no idea who the rapper was

A man is fighting for a statue of Eazy-E, which was built in the small town of Sussex in Newhaven.

Guy Stevens asks the local council to remember the NWA rapper, who died in 1995, who says he will "complement the city".

"Just do it," he told the Newhaven City Council The Argus, "Get a statue or a badge. Why not? You were just wasting money on a Denton Island for a bandstand, and nobody cares, so why not an Eazy E memorial? "

Stevens said a monument to the rapper was "unique", "eccentric" and "stand out". He also claimed that Eazy-E, because he died of AIDS complications, "can raise awareness of things like sexual health".

"He must somehow be remembered in our city," he said. "We have nothing for us and no notable landmarks except a fortress. And Eazy-E is a legend. "

The rapper has no ties to Newhaven, and although they have not yet officially responded to Stevens, the council said they had "no idea who Eazy-E is."

Deputy Mayor Graham Amy added, "I spent my whole life in Newhaven and never heard of it, I do not know. I'm 72 years old and more of a Beatles fan than anything else. If it were up to me, I would have statues all over the city. Stevens responded when he said the Beatles were "sucking."

The local has launched an online poll to gauge public support for his campaign and says the vote is in his favor 60:40.

In other statues, the world's first statue was unveiled by David Bowie last year in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. It is reported that Bowie first appeared as a Ziggy Stardust performer and debuted two albums at concerts in the music city of Friars the city in the early 70s.