UNITED KINGDOM – A man was seriously wounded in London after being stabbed on Thursday, August 15, in front of the Interior Ministry in the Westminster district, police said. The police arrested.

Contrary to what it had announced at first, the police specified that the days of the victim were not in danger, specified the police of the British capital in a communiqué.

The picture of a man covered with blood

"A man was arrested, suspected of causing serious bodily harm, and taken to the police station," she added, saying that she still had to determine "the exact circumstances" of the attack.

Police, who were alerted shortly after 13h in London (14 hours in Paris), cordoned off the area.

A photo broadcast by British media shows a man escorted by the emergency services, the bloody face covered with a rag. He is shirtless, a suit jacket placed on his shoulders, and his belly covered with blood. The Ministry of the Interior did not comment.

"We intervened on a man on the spot and took him to a major trauma center," said London ambulance services.

45,000 knife attacks in one year

"All my thoughts are with the victim and his family after this horrible, wrongful knife attack," Interior Minister Priti Patel tweeted.

The attack came as the Home Office had just launched an awareness campaign to try to stem the scourge of knife attacks in the UK.

According to the National Office of Statistics (ONS), 43,516 stabbings were committed in England and Wales during the 12 months ended March, up 8% from the previous period.

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