A Minions Holiday Special: Christmas will be totally banana

If we’ve been on for a year longer Minions – In search of the mini-boss have to wait (until July 1, 2021) and if it’s already a LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special there (now on Disney+), then let us Minions at least avoid Christmas … sweeten it. NBC and Illumination give us what we – or rather: our kids – want and proudly present the very first Minions Holiday Special!

This half-hour “primetime” event with the Minions will first open in the US in late November NBC broadcast before it came on right after Peacock streams. So let’s see how we can get there (if we want). in the Minions Holiday Special unite four “mini-film escapades”, it also includes guest appearances by other popular Illumination-Characters from the Pets– and Sing-Franchises. And of course from the Despicable MeSeries that the Minions sprang from, like cute little Agnes (“It’s so fluffy!”).

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