A mod that optimizes and transforms the Blizzard classic

They say the second parts are never good, but Diablo II laughs at that so-called rule out loud. With more than twenty years on its shoulders, the game still maintains a privileged position, and is enjoyed by a gigantic community that does not hesitate to create mods and patches to expand its universe. One of those mods is Project Diablo 2, which includes greater flexibility and diversity for builds, skill adjustments, items with optimized balance, and several additional improvements.

Many players of Diablo II (and why not, of the franchise in general) are beyond expression «hardcore». Requests for an updated / remastered version keep multiplying, but after what happened with Warcraft 3 Reforged, Blizzard will likely take it easy. What is the alternative? Let fans continue the development on your own, creating new resources and servers, without sacrificing complexity. Special builds, new skills, low-level changes… everything is on the table, but if you don’t know where to start, maybe Project Diablo 2 whatever you need.

This is definitely not an isolated mod. The FAQ of Project Diablo 2 suggests that your goal is to maintain the experience of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and offer «ladder resets» consistent, while enhancing the game as if its development has never stopped. In other words, it is “Enhanced version”, “private server” and “expanded universe” at once. Dbrunski125’s video does a great job exploring its main aspects, such as mods for Frozen Orb, Meteor, and Grizzly attacks, but Project Diablo 2 also adds new skills, and includes many changes of “quality of life”, starting with a launcher dedicated, and various keybinds.

We are barely scratching the surface here, and dare I say that not at all recommended for the first time gamer which never touched Diablo II before. Still, that doesn’t detract from its popularity: It recently registered nearly 12,000 simultaneous players, and its servers were blown up with the launch of the first season. Interested? Project Diablo 2 is free, but you will need to use a legitimate copy of Diablo II with its Lord of Destruction expansion.

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