Today is the end of an era when the last official event took place in the old Crown Court of Aylesbury.

The new High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, Ruth Farwell, was sworn in a 300-year-old building at the foot of the market square.

She told us it was an honor:

"It is a privilege and an honor for someone like me to become High Sheriff, and I look forward to serving the Queen and our County as High Sheriff next year, I hope I can achieve something, I hope some I want to go back to places where I would otherwise not be able to be great, but I also want to achieve something I hope I can bring together organizations that to build more harmonious communities for us. "

Judge Francis Sheridan said it was a sad day:

"I love the old building, and I think everyone knows that I know it – filing with the Justice Department years ago, in which even the judge at the place of residence has to admit that it is no longer fit for purpose, and I say it with sadness It is therefore a great honor to be here and a great privilege. "

Now the yard has moved to Walton Street. The 300-year-old building will be renovated and probably converted into a hotel.