An "overprotective" mother was criticized for refusing to let her husband spend time alone with their daughter because he "smokes".

The woman went to an online parent forum for advice on her situation, saying she was worried that her 7-month-old daughter was inhaling her husband's second-hand smoke.

She explained that she had forbidden him to take his daughter anywhere by himself and that he had to ask permission when he wanted to get her out .

"I am told that I am too precious to her since the day of her birth, but we talk about it with every argument and I have enough!"

The mother, who disapproves of the fact that her husband smokes, said that she was also protective of the places where her daughter was going and feared that her husband would take her to a place where she would have sex. 39, other smokers too.

"I just do not see why he's taking her anywhere.

"It's not like he wanted to go for a walk with her, all he'd asked for was to take him to his parents' house. [who smoke]. "

She also says that she believes that the only reason her husband asks to take their daughter to her grandparents is "to force me to move away from her" and does so. out of spite.

The discontented mother also accused her husband of never changing their daughter's dirty diapers or bathing him.

"Why can not he appreciate the good work I do?" she wrote.

She concludes, "I know that I am precious to her, without a doubt! But I think that it is a good thing and I would like him to appreciate that I am a good mother rather than to make me look crazy. "

Many people took the defense of her husband, but agreed that he did not seem to be pulling his weight.

"It's his father, he does not need any reason or justification to want to spend time with her.However, it would seem that it does not help much," said one person. .

Another added: "First, it's the father, he should be able to take the baby where he wants to, I do not agree with any house that smokes, but he should be able to take the baby without you. "

One person accused her of being a "psychopath", while another suggested that she was neglecting their marriage to strengthen her relationship with her daughter.

"It looks like he's not doing much to help raise your child, but you're not letting him do much.Your stand against him spending time alone with her probably makes him feel more and more. distant each day. "

However, some took the mother's defense by saying that her husband did not seem to be of the father's material.

"She has good reason to believe that he will not take care of herself if he does not want to change diapers." I would not trust him either, whether for a biological link or not. "

Another wrote: "You do not trust him and he does not help you and he often does things to annoy you – you both have more problems than your degree of overprotection with the baby."