A new Premier League? Liverpool and Manchester United plan to revolutionize English football

The two most winning clubs in English football, Liverpool Y Manchester UnitedThey want to carry out a revolution. From the two institutions, they worked and shaped a plan to restructure the Premier League and the other competitions that are developed in the British territory. These measures that they seek to implement, in addition to sports, are designed to shovel the effects of the coronavirus.

The proposal

According to information published by The Telegraph, the two clubs want to cut the number of teams in the highest category, from the current 20 to 18. In that sense, the structure of the League Cup would be modified and the Community Shield would be permanently eliminated. In this way, a match between the league champions and the FA Cup would no longer be played in the season.

From the economic point of view, Premier League It would have to give 250 million pounds to the English Football League. The EFL is the body in charge of the categories lower than the first. That amount would be destined to save the 72 teams that are in them, in relation to the consequences of the covid. In addition, you should pay 25% annually to said institution and 8.5% would be for charitable purposes.

The central objective of these economic modifications is to reduce the gap that exists between the clubs of the highest category and the minors. Likewise, there would be another outlay of one hundred million pounds for the Football Association (FA). On the other hand, to approve the new measures, preference would be given to the ‘Big Six’ plus Everton, West Ham and Southampton, as they are the oldest. So much Liverpool how Manchester United they expect the other greats to join them in this revolution.

The answer

There is no official date yet, but it is expected that the new structure can be applied from the 2022/23 season. However, from the Premier League they expressed their dissatisfaction with this possibility. “English football is vibrant, dynamic, competitive and has a structure that generates interest around the world. These individual proposals could have a detrimental impact on the entire game and we are disappointed to see that the EFL president has given his support, ”they said.

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