Anti-racism and America: a series

The Guardian has collaborated with the American University's Washington University's Antiracist Research and Policy Center in a new series aimed at looking beyond the daily news, focusing instead on those who deal with racist power and founding to organize an anti-racist world.

Ibram X Kendi, director of the ARPC, is the contributing editor of the series. He says the series will aim to "get out of the news cycle and offer essays and reports that are more reflective than reactionary, ambitious, and unobtrusive as we look back and look ahead while diagnosing."

The times when everyone seems lost are the times when we have to see the people and ideas that make their way out of the dirt. This series gives the hope and direction that are essential for change. There is a preview of the future or what future generations may love most about what we started in our race.

Check out the Antiracism and America series here.

What we read

Beto O & Rourke is "neither a courageous progressive nor an excellent lawmaker," said Zaid Jilani of Current Affairs.

"While the Democrats' base in healthcare for individuals and free college merges, O & Rourke did not fund a home bill. During his time in Congress, he never joined the Progress Committee of the Congress. However, he was a member of the New Democratic Caucus, the organization, to continue the ideas of the Clinton policy. "

Jilani says he is not the man to challenge Donald Trump, despite all the talk and excitement about a presidential conference from O Rourke.

Give a holiday

The nation has put together a useful list of charitable organizations that people can donate for this Christmas season. The Black Voters Matter Fund, which helped mobilize black voters in the South in the run-up to parliamentary elections, and Survived and Punished, the laws that punish women for defending themselves against violent partners, are just two of those worthy groups ,

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