A nostalgic Iker Casillas shows off his own fantastic car with this KITT replica

The replicas that have been made of KITT, better known as the fantastic car although it needs no introduction, there are many. And one of them has recently fallen into the hands of Iker Casillas.

The one in Móstoles has show off this mount on his Instagram account so it follows that he is quite excited about her. And is that Casillas does not usually have cars as protagonists in his publications, beyond the day that punctured a wheel, unlike Karim Benzema who uploads a photo with a jewel on wheels every so often.

“KITT, I need you!”

As we can see in this photo, which portrays the emblematic car from the front, it is a fairly successful replica of the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am de 1982 used in the mythical series of ‘The fantastic car’. Thus, for example, the characteristic looks like optics in red flanked between retractable headlights.

We also appreciate that equip identical seats to those of the TV KITT, with those rectangular headrests, although the steering wheel is round and not jet or spaceship style as was the case with the original KITT and that other replicas have also worn.

An example is the one that was recently auctioned and owned by none other than David Hasselhoff. I mean, Michael Knight himself. Unfortunately, in this photograph of the Madrid goalkeeper we cannot see if his KITT also sports the futuristic eighties digital control panel or all those buttons that activated its functions and gadgets.

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Casillas does not indicate if you have bought this replica or rented it, although by hiding the license plate with a blur it can be deduced that it is indeed his.

“Those series with which we grew up. The 80s arrived and both The A Team and The Fantastic Car were series followed by thousands and thousands of Spaniards. Who has not said the famous phrase picking up the wrist and talking to the clock:“Kitt, I need you!”, The ex-footballer just pointed out.

Be that as it may Casillas looks very happy with his particular KITT and several personalities have hallucinated with his mount responding to the post, such as DJ Wally López, whose love of cars is known, or also the footballer Adrián San Miguel, current Liverpool FC goalkeeper

Other rare adverts on soccer wheels

Professional major league footballers can get hold of cars that most mortals can only dream of. Even those that are sponsored, such as the Audi RS 6 Avant that Sergio Ramos or Zidane have just received. But there are also those that show off oddities on wheels.

For example, during the great snowfall at the hands of the squall Filomena, Yannick Carrasco boasted of the skills of a Fiat Panda 4×4 With which he could get to training without problems despite the snow. Although the mythical Italian utility was not his and also did not have the proper papers.

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Known is the case also of Walter Pandiani, the Uruguayan striker went to training with a Iveco 440E truck painted red and decorated with the shields of the teams in which he had played. This specimen It was auctioned in 2017 for 6,700 euros and with 935,700 kilometers.

And we also find Oleguer Dams, former FC Barcelona footballer who rejected the Audi sponsorship because he preferred a van Volkswagen Transporter.

Other Madrid players have surprised with the most picturesque models. Among them we find his own Karim Benzema: last year he posted a photo with a Citroën ZX that he accompanied with a cryptic 69500, which is the postal code of Bron, the city where he was born and raised. Perhaps the ZX was your first car or you have a special affection for it.

The now great captain of the merengue squad, Sergio Ramos, he also boasted not long ago of a SEAT 600 customized, clearly a restoration because it looked like new and equipped conventional opening doors instead of suicide, in addition to other decorations such as the nickname of the central (SR4).

Likewise Alvaro Arbeloa surprised everyone in 2014 arriving in Valdebebas with nothing less than a Morgan 3 Wheeler, the iconic sports car with a classic three-wheel cut from the British firm.

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By last Gianluigi Buffon, another renowned goalkeeper who despite his 43 years is still active, walked with his girlfriend along the beaches of Massa in the heart of Tuscany with a Citroën 2CV, arousing the interest of paparazzi and fans.

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