| A pleasant Wednesday is expected, with storms towards the afternoon-night

The rain forecast issued by the Network of Meteorological Stations of the Province for this day, extends until Thursday. Today’s and tomorrow’s highs will be 28ºC and 22ºC.

The rains will arrive in the afternoon of this Wednesday, to extend until Thursday throughout the province, according to the REM.

For this Wednesday an unstable day is expected after noon, but with pleasant temperatures, as anticipated by the REM.

The sky will be partially cloudy in the morning and with storm formations from the afternoon with probable precipitations, although the bulk of the rains and eventually strong storms will occur towards the night and during the early hours of Thursday in the entire province.

The wind will be light to moderate (12 to 28 km / h) from the northern sector, although more intense in the northern regions and part of the central region, with gusts greater than 50 km / h. After the afternoon, it will be light and of variable directions.

Rainy thursday

For Thursday, a slight decrease in temperatures and unstable conditions is expected, which will leave a day of bad weather.

Storms that can be locally strong are expected from the early hours of the day. The sky will be mostly cloudy with a slight decrease in cloud cover at night, although the probability of rain will persist.

The minimum temperatures will be cool, around 14 ° C, and the maximum will reach 22 ° C.

The wind will prevail light to moderate (12 to 28 km / h), with gusts varying from the southern sector.

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Note and photo: ANSL.


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