A real shock! THE most famous voice on the internet died far too soon!

Unfortunately we have to give you the sad news of the death of Brad Venable deliver. He was known as a voice actor from games like “Final Fantasy VII – Remake“, “Shenmue III“, “Devil May Cry“, “Call of Duty – Black Ops – Cold War“, “Demon`s Souls“.

But he was best known for something different: He was that distinctive voice, the one with the Screen-Junkies always the Honest Trailers has made … His voice is just something very special, as you can hear here:

Brad Venable was only 43 years old and leaves behind a woman. The reasons for his untimely death have not been disclosed.

My love for film really ignited in 1993, when my 11 year old self was brainwashed by the gigantic advertising campaign for Jurassic Park. Since then, this has also been my favorite film. Contrary to that, my heart is attached to Asian cinema and the whole culture. No matter whether Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China or Korea, the films from Asia are always something very special and infinitely deeper than the American Hollywood uniformity. In terms of gaming, I had an excellent childhood, that is to say, NES and GAME BOY before many more followed. Still I am a Sega disciple. Favorite Directors: Hideaki Anno, Akira Kurosawa Favorite Games: Metal Gear Solid 1, Final Fantasy VII, Zelda – Ocarina of Time Favorite Film Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

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