A relative of Elizabeth II faces five years in prison for a sex crime: new scandal in the Court

New disgust for Isabel II. A relative of the Queen of England has starred in a major sex scandal, for which he faces five years in prison. Is about Simon Bowes-Lyon, Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, 34. The father of the aforementioned was the great-nephew of the Queen Mother.

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The events transpired this Tuesday but they happened in February of last year. According to the British tabloids, Bowes-Lyon broke into the bedroom where the 26-year-old victim slept at dawn, drunk, forcibly and at dawn. The events took place in Glamis Castle, where the family of Elizabeth II’s mother has lived for centuries.

As they pick up, he allegedly grabbed her breasts, tugged at her nightgown, and pushed her against the wall. As he allegedly tried to abuse her, he repeatedly told her that she was a “rude, bad, bad and horrible person.” Finally the woman managed to shake him off and kick him out of the room. Afterwards he allegedly tried to enter again, although without success.

Those 20 minutes were a real nightmare for the woman, whose identity has not transcended. When arrested by authorities, Simon claimed to be a “farmer.”

This Tuesday he admitted the charges. He was released on bail, pending further reports to pass sentence. He faces five years in jail. “He is really sorry for what he accepts was shameful conduct. Alcohol is no excuse,” alleged his lawyer John Scott QC after his client’s testimony in a Dundee court.

It is not the first that his name jumps to the press due to other scandals. In 2010, he was banned from driving for nine months after riding a motorcycle at a speed of 100 miles per hour in a section where the limit was 60. Last year, he was also accused of skipping the measures against Covid- 19 to go on a trip.

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He has also come to the fore on more than one occasion for his love of luxury sports cars and for his escapades with famous people. Simon Bowes-Lyon was also voted one of the UK’s Golden Singles by the magazine Tatler in 2019.

This is a new regret for the queen. The British crown is also affected by the scandals of Prince Andrew for his connection with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the headaches that Meghan and Harry are giving after resigning last year from their royal duties. This week, in addition, Adamo Canto, an employee of Queen Elizabeth II, has been sentenced to eight months in prison for stealing objects from Buckingham, whose value ranged between 11,000 and 110,000 euros.

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