A remembered comedic stunt actor asks to boycott “Jackass 4”

Jackass“Went down in American television history as one of the most watched and craziest shows for years. Now that producers and filmmakers are fine-tuning the details to bring it to the big screen again with “Jackass 4”, One of the actors denounced through social networks that he was left out of the film and is threatening to boycott it.

Is about Bam Margera, who said on his official Instagram profile that he was fired from “Jackass 4”. Through a series of videos that he posted on the platform, Marguera asked his thousands of followers to join him and boycott the franchise after leaving it out of production. Meanwhile, the local press affirms that his dismissal is based on substance abuse.

Yes OK Bam Marguera He deleted the videos he had posted, social media users rescued them, and republished them on other accounts. In them you hear him: “Who the hell cares if I’m drunk? Jackass has put me in hell for a year and a half. I wrote so many ideas, and if I’m not in the movie and they use my ideas, how do you think it will make me feel? The last thing I want is to be in court with the principal, Jeff Tremaine, I love”.

After reporting that they used his ideas leaving him on the other side of the tape, Bam Marguera he warned that all this could trigger a new film with all the contributions he planned to give to “Jackass 4”. “But, fuck, am I not in Jackass 4? If anyone cares, don’t go see their movie, because I’ll make mine more fucking radical if they give me a dollar. Jackass was everything to me, “he added.

On the other hand, the fourth installment of “Jackass” is scheduled to premiere on September 3. One day later Bam Marguera He took to the networks again to announce that he suffers from manic bipolar disorder and acknowledged that he needs help. “Yesterday I went crazy for not knowing the answer to what he had been asking me a year and a half ago. I’ll be seeing a specialist to keep this under control. “

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