A "beaten and bruised" gas station attendant who was run over by a fugitive thief urged people to help the police catch him before he kills anyone.

Jenny Green, 62, was thrown to the floor on the Texaco station forecourt in Lutterworth on Sunday night.

The thief put £ 50 of fuel in his blue Audi RS6 and tried to run away when Jenny intervened.

CCTV showed Jenny standing in front of the car. After a moment of hesitation, the driver leans forward and knocks Jenny off, leaving her on the ground, injured on the ground.

She told LeicestershireLive: "Two people filled the forecourt.

"I was aware that we had the three cars on the forecourt, and then one of them started backing up.

"I could see that he was going to leave without paying, so I ran out and stayed in front of his car.

The fight with the thief left Jenny
The fight with the thief left Jenny "beaten and bruised"

"I raised my hand and asked him to stop.

"I thought it would do the trick.He stopped backing off, then he drove me straight and hit me.

"I'm lucky to be here.

"I am black and blue everywhere and I have a black eye when I hit the ground.

"I hope the police will stop it because it will do it again, and the next person might not be as lucky as me."

Jenny has a few days off, but she hopes to be available again. At least one fanatic left her flowers at the gas station.

James Peakes, general manager of the gas station, said: "Jenny is battered and bruised, but it could have been a lot worse, so in a way, she's a lucky woman.

"It was impetuous. It was only 8 pm and there were two other cars on the forecourt when it happened.

"After 10 pm, we ask people to pay in advance.

"The people who do this are not opportunists.

"They know that there are cameras in the service stations, so they put false plates on their vehicles.

Always pulled from a sequence of CCTV showing a driver who is refueling before leaving without paying.

"He passed several times in front of the ambulance.

"The only reason I can understand this is that he knew that he had hurt Jenny and that he wanted to see how bad it was."

In a statement, Leicestershire police said: "Police are investigating an assault on Leicester Road, Lutterworth, after the driver of a vehicle has not paid for fuel at a gas station.

The incident took place on Sunday, March 10 at 8:15 pm The driver of an Audi RS6 filled his vehicle with fuel and then failed to pay.A staff member tried to prevent the vehicle from leaving the yard. "

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to contact the Leicestershire Police at 101.

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