A storm of goals received a blurred selection of Colombia

The Ecuadorian team beat Colombia 6-1, which played its worst game in four decades and left Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz reeling in the match played yesterday in Quito that started the fourth day of the South American qualifying rounds of the World Cup in Qatar. .

“The result is very heavy, pride hit a lot, the responsibility is mine, the team had been playing well even before the game against Uruguay, we did not expect these two consecutive defeats,” Queiroz said at a press conference after the match in Quito .

The Colombian team, no matter how much it wanted to stop and control its Ecuadorian counterpart, found itself with a forceful rival in attack and that also left few spaces in defense.

The Portuguese coach also said that with the players there will be time to talk about this result because now the most important thing will be to calm down and recover.

“We have to accept that the Ecuadorian team has played better than us, scoring goals, if we have to talk about the virtue of Colombia is that it defends well, but in these last two games it has received many goals,” he said.

He assured that when a team like Ecuador wins as it did today, its players must be congratulated for their effort, but that “the players from Colombia are very hurt by these two results.”

Queiroz stressed that he knows his team very well and is sure that they will get up to continue on their way to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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“I know that the players are going to work and improve in their clubs for when we return to the qualifying rounds, in a couple of months, with a stiff beard and a cement belly to get to March strong and get the points,” he said.

Alfaro also expressed himself before the abnormal match played

Ecuador’s coach, Argentine Gustavo Alfaro, assured that the 6-1 win over Colombia was “a result out of context”, but achieved “with quality and authority.”

“This is a result out of context, not even the most optimistic expected something like this, but the team achieved it with great quality and authority,” Alfaro said at a press conference after completing the engagement.

He said that except for a small passage in the game that Colombia dominated, the rest was all from Ecuador, even when he was left with one less player on the field after the 80th minute expulsion of young striker Gonzalo Plata. “I think the key to winning like this was in the speed we had from the midfield forward, in trying to pressure not to let James Rodríguez play, nor Duván Zapata, who is very powerful,” he said.

And he added: “We also seek to neutralize the gangs so that they could not manage Zapata, so that they would not take advantage of their capacity and their great area movement. We handled the ball very well with speed and that way we were able to find the chances that later turned into goals ”.

Alfaro also highlighted that yesterday was a great demonstration, for which he congratulated his managers and said that before the game he confessed his admiration for the squad and that he was proud of Ecuador and its players, for which he thanked his pupils for what they have given him.

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At the start of the qualifying rounds, Colombia beat Venezuela at home and drew against Chile on the road, but then lost by a landslide to Uruguay at home and away to Ecuador in one of the worst defeats suffered by South American qualifiers.

Next round

On the fifth day of the qualifiers to Qatar 2020, on March 25 of next year, Colombia will host Brazil and Ecuador will visit Venezuela.


  1. Ecuador: Alexander Domínguez; Pedro Pablo Perlaza (m.87, Angelo Preciado), Robert Arboleda, Javier Arreaga, Pervis Estupiñán; Jhegson Sebastián Méndez, Moisés Caicedo, Angel Mena (m.87, Joao Rojas), Renato Ibarra (m.81, Beder Caicedo); Adolfo Muñoz (m.33, Gonzalo Plata) and Michael Estrada.

Coach: Gustavo Alfaro.

  1. Colombia: Camilo Vargas; Luis Manuel Orejuela (m.41, Luis Muriel), Jeison Murillo, Davison Sánchez, Johan Mojica (m.41, Luis Suárez); Jefferson Lerma, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Matheus Uribe (m.41, Wilmar Barrios); Luis Díaz (41, Frank Fabra), James Rodríguez and Duván Zapata.

Coach: Carlos Queiroz.

Goals: 1-0, m.7: Robert Arboleda. 2-0, m.9: Angel Mena. 3-0, m.32: Michael Estrada. 4-0, m.39: Javier Arreaga. 4-1, m. 45 + 1: James Rodríguez, from a penalty. 5-1, m.78: Gonzalo Plata. 6-1, m.91: Robert Arboleda.

Referee: the Venezuelan Jesús Valenzuela. He expelled Gonzalo Plata (m.80, by double warning) and admonished Lerma, Ibarra, Perlaza, Murillo, Cuadrado, Méndez, Suárez and Fabra.

Incidents: match of the fourth day of the South American qualifiers of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, played at the ‘Rodrigo Paz Delgado’ stadium, in Quito.

Positions table*

Team Points

Brazil.                    12

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Argentina              10

Ecuador                9

Paraguay               6

Uruguay                6

Chile                       4

Colombia              4

Venezuela             3

Peru 1

Bolivia                   1


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