A stressed tourist is unleashed in an airport after missing his flight, because he drank in the lounge bar of the departure.

The frustration of this man was filmed while he was attempting unsuccessfully to cross a locked gate leading to the runway of Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport.

CCTV footage shows him furiously depressed against security gates at the airport, before losing balance and falling on his back.

In order not to be put off, he hides under the barriers and begins to destroy the computer screens behind the check-in counter before attempting to throw a keyboard plugged into the floor.

The passenger attempted to cross a locked door to access the runway

Sheremetyevo International Airport

Although his fellow passengers seem totally indifferent to his actions, the man was spotted by airport security who was trying to calm him down while continuing to attack the computer screens.

However, the man will not be distracted from his rampage and will return to the office to clear the context of a floor drawer.

He then started breaking computer screens on the recording desk

He continued to try to damage the equipment of the airport in front of the security guards.

In response, the safety officer drives it away before turning it 180 degrees and slamming it to the ground.

A spokesman for the airport said: "Due to the rapid reaction of the airport security service, the intrusion was halted".

He was slammed to the ground by security

The man was finally arrested in his tracks by safety and thrown to the ground

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The unnamed man was taken to the airport police station and charged with hooliganism.

In May, the Sheremetyevo International Airport was the scene of a disaster after an Aeroflot aircraft was struck by lightning shortly after takeoff.

The plane was ravaged by flames and crashed during the May 5 incident, which claimed the lives of 41 people.