A strong storm hit the Great Resistance with gusts that exceeded 100 km / h

Storms in Resistance.

The phenomenon was unleashed from the Southwest quadrant, causing – in various places in the capital of Chaco – the fall of some trees and light poles. Being the rainfall of few millimeters until late afternoon.

Precisely while the companies SAMEEP and SECHEEP made known the existing supply problems through social networks due to the strong winds, it was reported from the latter that – at 1:55 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. – the NEA region was affected by dim lights; which could have caused more of a headache with affected appliances in homes.

It was also pointed out that the Distribution Centers – 0 in Barranqueras, 2 in Fontana and 10 in Av. Las Heras 1,200 – left large neighborhoods in the Gran Resistencia without power. With crews of technicians and operators from the SECHEEP company who worked piecemeal to replenish the energy service, the situation began to normalize late on Saturday afternoon.

One of the damages reported by neighbors to CIUDAD TV, indicated that in the vicinity of Av. San Martín and Fortín Aguilar, in our capital, all the utility poles in one of the blocks of the place fell. And there were also inconveniences in the drinking water service in the South cistern, in Villa Monona and in Villa Fabiana.

After 18:30 from SECHEEP it was reported that for the replacement of the service in the entire Metropolitan Area, 11 guards were working simultaneously; noting that the damage was mainly caused by fallen trees and movement of poles in medium and low voltage lines.

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