Last weekend, in the town of San Jorge, the thirteenth edition of the Eastern British Meeting was held, with a very good public framework.

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Students of school 34 performed a dance of British origin

The activities were carried out in the arena and on the stage Elías Romaníz, in which students from School 34 performed – who performed a dance of British origin – Maciegas, Pierino Techera, Meta Fuelle, Brothers Cabillón, María Soledad, Agrupación La Nueva and Polkeros del Yí.
One of the attractions of the event was the sharecropping contest, in which a total of 11 participated, from 7 locations. These had to pass different tests to take the prizes.
On Saturday, the interim mayor, Cr. Jorge Reyna, who participated as a jury in the dance party contest was present.


The secretary of the Local Board of San Jorge, Besandro Ferreira, when speaking at the opening of the event, said that work has been done so that the inhabitants of the town and those who, being native of the area, now reside in Other parts of the country and return to visit experience pride in observing the event and the people.
“We work to make them proud of St. George, we know we can have mistakes and we work to correct them. We thank the organizers of the Creoles, who honorably make the effort and achieve the show of good level. We also thank the local partnerships for collaborating and putting on the shirt, receiving the different partnerships that visited us, ”he said.

The family

Cr. Reyna emphasized the importance of the participation of families in this type of events, as well as valued the efforts of the people who contributed their grain of sand to make the Eastern British Encounter possible.
“It is a pleasure to work with Besandro Ferreira, someone who loves his people very much, who works and works so that things go as well as possible to give people the best comfort and services, and in this event we know that there are many people who has worked. That's why on behalf of him I want to congratulate them. The festival is beautiful, the commitment is noticeable, we see many families present and it is something we must keep: the good neighborhood, how nice it has, ”said the interim mayor.

The parade

Another attraction that the party has is the gaucho cavalry parade, which was held on Sunday morning. Riders and Chinese from the participating partnerships traveled along the main avenue until they reached the ring, where the stanzas of the national anthem were sung.
Among the riders stood out the secretary of the Blanquillo Board, Pedro Bosch, who was escorted by two representatives of the Charrúa civilization. The two members of the sharecropper put on makeup and dressed to pay tribute to the aboriginal civilization that inhabited these lands.

The gastronomic loss

Due to current regulations, unfortunately, one of the gastronomic products that has a lot of acceptance in the deep interior, such as the traditional roast with leather, could not be tasted. The diners had to settle for the roast of strip, sausages to the bread, empanadas, fried cakes or the delicious fried cakes of Aguas Buenas.

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