a survey revealed what is Apple’s definitive advantage over Microsoft

The positioning of a company or its brand with respect to competitors is widely considered as a key factor in the competitive success of a commercial strategy. To try to measure these intangible values, the Brand Keys consultancy carries out the annual index of customer loyalty every year.

In its 25th edition, the most relevant data of this study indicates that Apple notebook users show greater emotional commitment than those with a Microsoft laptop.

Unlike surveys that measure specific market data, Brand Keys uses a research methodology that fuses emotional and rational aspects and identifies four specific buying behavior loyalty drivers, along with their percentage contribution to engagement, loyalty and profitability.

As part of this survey, the firm asked about the feelings that the MacBook awakens and what causes the Microsoft Surface.

Apple consumers happy with their products. Photo: EFE

While the Macs were placed in the loyalty quadrant of the stress test that read: high emotional commitment, high levels of meeting expectations.

The Surfaces, on the other hand, were in the so-called lower right quadrant: low emotional commitment, high levels of meeting expectations.

As if to get an idea of ​​the commitment they arouse, Microsoft’s laptops were on the same level as the Canon, HP and Brother printers, Kobo e-reader, and Audio-Technica headphones.

In the squad of the successful, led by Apple Macs the iPhone, iPad and AirPods. These were joined by Konica-Minolta photocopiers, Samsung, Sony, LG and Amazon Kindle TVs.

The consultancy highlighted as a key data how the Covid era influenced loyalty to all types of brands and technology products.

For many people, the arrival of the pandemic has increased the need for high-tech brands to be willing to offer more than just a “colored iron”.

“Loyal customers are six times more likely to give the brand a suspicious benefit under difficult circumstances,” said Robert Passikoff, founder and president of BrandKeys.

Of the high-tech brands and products that people actually do not have positive emotions and do not inspire the desire of customers to live up to your expectations. Here are the Sharp and Hitachi TVs. They are joined by all Epson, Panasonic and LG tablets headphones.

Research shows that building a community around a brand generates higher loyalty than reward, whether intentional or not.

For this work, the firm interviewed 75,804 Americans, 40% were interviewed by phone and the remaining 60% through online interviews. Participants were asked about 94 categories that included 855 different brands.



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