A teacher claims that she was bombarded with "creepy & # 39; reports of the notorious teenage murderer Dempsey Hawkins after having rejected him during a speeddating evening. Caroline Anderson (42) attended a speeddater night in Cambridge, where she met Dempsey Hawkins. After they had had a conversation, the woman put a cross next to his name. The killer got her cell phone number and started sending her flirty messages on WhatsApp.

Caroline Anderson is afraid that he will find her address, because he knows in which area she lives. The woman claims that she has ignored the messages, including one that says: & # 39; If you want to hang around somewhere in the middle of me, give me the green light. & # 39; Single Caroline only realized his identity when she discovered a story about him in a newspaper and recognized his first name. The 58-year-old British man was deported back to England after spending 38 years in an American prison for strangling his 14-year-old friend before stunning her body in an oil vat.

Caroline claims she ignored the messages that Dempsey Hawkins sent her after receiving her phone number, even though she rejected him on a speed dating evening. The American woman said she was terrified that she would discover her address so that she is currently sleeping with a baseball bat, a hockey stick and a kitchen knife next to her bed. Caroline said: I can not take any risks. & # 39; He took my number without me. He knows I live in the area, so it's only a matter of time before he knows my address. & # 39; He has been beaten loose. & # 39; He should not walk around. I just came from a long-term relationship, so one of my good friends convinced me to go to a speeddater night to cheer me up. & # 39; When we arrived, I noticed his presence because I thought he was in the army – it was just because of the way he wore himself. & # 39; I could see that he was in me while he was still hanging around the room. & # 39; But then I saw his eyes. They are the kind of eyes that look through you and not at you! & # 39; They were piercing. & # 39; I did not even give him my number. Caroline said that she had noticed Hawkins for the first time at the reception, alongside a list of the name and phone numbers of the daters. & # 39; I saw him stay at the reception for a good 15 minutes, where we had all deposited our data. & # 39; Then I thought it strange that he had been there for so long, but I did not call him. I was there to have fun.

The woman met Dempsey Hawkins at Hidden Rooms Cocktail and Lounge and Events Room I was not interested in him and I only knew him on pronouns, so I did the standard Facebook stalking. & # 39; It was only when I browsing the paper while I had a coffee that I saw and dropped the penny. I stopped what I was doing and ran home. & # 39; The next day I went to the police station and they said they could do nothing more. & # 39; I feel completely helpless. & # 39; The two met at Hidden Rooms Cocktail and Lounge and Events Room in September.

The morning after the speed dating event she found the first of many texts that Hawkins sent her. During the speed dating evening she had an intense & # 39; conversation with Hawkins but she decided to put a cross next to his name. Said, "I remember putting a cross on the scorecard because I just felt a bit intense and got a weird vibe." She claims that when the two-hour session was over, the man approached Caroline and asked her to Drink early, but she turned it down.

Single Caroline understood what the true identity of Hawkins was after he had read a story about him in a newspaper. The next morning she found a text from him, starting with Sweet Caroline, very nice to have met you last night. The long post added: & # 39; Me as your friend will certainly improve your life in a way that might surprise you […] I will think about you. You know I will do that;). Screenshots of the conversation show how Hawkins sent the woman many unanswered messages in two weeks. A message read: & # 39; You look better in every photo I see of you: p. & # 39; Caroline added: "I see him on my commute and it fills me with fear." Take into account his past, who can blame me? & # 39; nonchalant walking around the city and working in a busy restaurant .. People need to know! "He must be deported." I am completely petrified.

During the speed date evening Caroline had an intense & # 39; conversation with Hawkins, after which she decided to put a cross next to his name. & # 39; I have to move a tenant, otherwise I would be all alone a woman. & # 39; I sleep with a baseball bat and a hockey stick by my bed and put the kitchen knives under my pillow. "If he can take my number from a night out, it's only a matter of time before he finds out where I live." In May 1976, London-born Hawkins, then at the age of 16, killed his girlfriend Susan Jacobson, 14, on Staten Island, New York. They had been about a year old at the time of the attack, but according to reports, she had been ordered to go with her parents. Dempsey moved to his father in Illinois and continued his high school education until he was arrested for another crime. He had not promised the assassination of Susan for 20 years, but during a telephone conversation from prison in 2011 he said: "It was a hot day.

The 42-year-old teacher said she is fully petrified & # 39; and was completely helpless & # 39; felt. With the arm of the shirt I put it around her neck, as if I wanted to kiss her, and I just started squeezing it. & # 39; Her hands went to the shirt and I just looked away and kept squeezing the shirt. He finally admitted in a letter to Susan's family: & # 39; I'm terribly sorry for what I've done, and that's been a long time ago. & # 39; It is clear that Hawkins was released in January 2017 and returned to the UK after a campaign by a British criminological expert. He then found a job in a restaurant in Cambridge. Mr. Hawkins has not yet responded to a request for comment.