A ‘third party’ AAA shooter is coming to Game Pass and is targeting Battlefield 6, according to a rumor

A shooter high-budget first-person (AAA) developed by an outside company to Microsoft arrive on the day of Fall release to Xbox Game Pass, according to a insider on the podcast Xbox Era. At the same time, a well-known leaker of Battlefield 6 suggests that this is the game mentioned. Of course, take this information with a grain of salt: ni Microsoft, ni Xbox, ni Electronic Arts han comentado about.

In the aforementioned podcast, the insider specializing in Microsoft Shpeshal Ed assured that a great AAA first person shooter game developed by a third party arrive in the fall on Xbox Game Pass on launch day. Nevertheless, the insider does not specify what game to be. On Twitter, Tom Henderson (who has advanced numerous details of the new Battlefield) ha disseminated that information suggesting with a GIF (without stating it outright) that it is true.

A shooter AAA third party what to arrive in the fall: the candidates

Let’s go by parts. The launch date, autumn, allows you to target two sagas that usually publish their new installments in that period. On the one hand, Call of Duty from Activision Blizzard. In recent weeks it has been leaked that the new installment, developed by SledgeHammer Games, was name Call of Duty WW2: Vanguard. However, it must be remembered that this series has been promoted alongside PlayStation consoles in recent years.

The other saga of first person shooter AAA that is usually published around those dates without annual periodicity as the previous one is Battiefield de Electronic Arts. Microsoft and EA have a collaboration agreement: the subscription service EA Play est incluido en Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for console and mobiles from the end of 2020 and for Xbox Game Pass for PC from March of this year. The game is present, according to unofficial information, in May. Yes it is known that will be released later this year and that Criterion Games is supporting the development.

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Since GamingBolt they point to another game: Far Cry 6. That’s it we do not know release date and usually the titles of the saga are they publish around spring. Ubisoft’s latest financial report confirmed that it will be released after April 2021 and the Microsoft Store leaked a possible release date last November: May 26, 2021. Also, there are rumors that Microsoft want to include Ubisoft Plus (the subscription service for PC that for 15 a month gives access to all the company’s games, including news) in Game Pass.

Finally, and again without being official information, it is pointed out that Square Enix release more of its own games on Xbox Game Pass. The editor will premiere on April 1 Outriders, including it from day one in Microsoft’s subscription catalog. Besides this, there is another game of a third party to get to the service launch: MLB The Show 21 from PlayStation Studios, an exclusive saga of Sony consoles until this year.


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