A thousand years in prison for the telepreacher who used his harem to blackmail

The party ended in the worst possible way for Adnan Oktar, the millionaire telepreacher who combined quotes from the Koran and conspiracy theories with an overheated American bar vibe on his Turkish TV shows. However, it is not what happened in the study, but outside it, that this week led to an exorbitant sentence of one thousand seventy-four years in jail.

A judge in Istanbul found him guilty while head of a “criminal organization” dedicated “to blackmail, extortion and money laundering.”

He also blamed him, along with two other capitostes of the sect – sentenced in turn to more than 186 years in prison – of “political and military espionage” of “collaboration with FETÖ” (the brotherhood of Fethullah Gülen that was behind the riot 2016 against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan) and various charges of “child abuse, kidnapping, rape and torture.”

Dozens of other defendants were sentenced to terms of up to twelve years.

Adnan Oktar had been in pre-trial detention since July 2018, when he was detained in one of his countless mansions with a swimming pool in possession of 69,000 contraceptive pills.

Turkish preacher Adnan Oktar has been in prison since 2018.

The guru, who it attracted its followers among young people from very wealthy families, already served a prison sentence decades ago in a psychiatric ward, for denying the Jewish Holocaust. However, after 9/11 he reinvented himself as an apostle of creationism, following the example of the American fundamentalist churches that vindicate Adam and Eve against the theory of evolution.

Fundamentalist theories

Under the pen name of Harun Yahya, Oktar would have been the instrument of diffusion of this fundamentalist ideology in the Islamic world, signing – if not writing – hundreds of books on this subject, published in various languages.

At his last Ramadan farewell dinner in freedom, to which he invited a few hundred people in the lavish Çirağan palace on the banks of the Bosphorus, the lobby displayed plastic reproductions of supposed fossils that prove his bizarre theories.

Simultaneously, Oktar reached out to Israel and his “Islamic” programs often featured Israeli rabbis as guests, alongside whom he proclaimed that Palestine belonged to the Jews as long as the Messiah did not appear.

In any case, the most anticipated moment of his programs on his own channel, A9, was not his geopolitical astracanadas, but the swagger that the “kittens” dedicated to him at the end. That’s what he called his harem, formed by stunning dyed blondes, with an enlarged chest and an absent gaze.

No less spectacular were the male models that ensured the continuous flow of the former. All of them lived together, in a kind of particular Big Brother, with Oktar at their center and haute couture clothes in each closet.

Throughout the trial, both former supporters and families of his followers charged what they describe as “kidnappings” and “threats” in a golden prison.

By Jordi Joan Baños


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