A titanic Barça rises champion of the Uefa Futsal Champions League

He FC Barcelona His rival, Pozo Murcia, had an inordinate ambition after having reached the final of the tournament with an astonishing superiority against him. Tyumen ruso. Barça, for their part, arrived at the big event after having lived moments of authentic fear against a rival who made things very difficult for them, the KPRF, the final result was 3-3 and on penalties the Barça team got the ticket for the Champions League final.

The Barça seizes of the effectiveness

The combined culé would start the meeting with the following starting quintet: Dídac, Aicardo, Marcenio, Dyego and Ferrao, while the Murcia Well started with all the gunpowder: Espindola, Matteus, Leo Santana, Marcel, Paradynski. The game began with inaccuracies on the part of the two teams, aware that they were playing all or nothing in this match. The Barça took the baton of the meeting in the first minutes of this, nevertheless, the occasions did not happen and the game seemed to stagnate when the combined culé happened of three quarters of field. Ferrao was the man who changed the dynamics of the match when barely 4 minutes had passed, the Brazilian opened the scoring with a volley that came off bit and that surprised Spindola, that after touching the ball he was not able to prevent the Barça team from getting ahead of the game.

It would not take long to answer the Well Murcia, after FC Barcelona’s initial goal, the team wearing white replied with a shot that crashed into the crossbar and then into the left post of the goal defended by Didac, a carom that ended well for the interests of the Catalans and that the members of the Well Murcia lamented ad nauseam. The Murcian team would continue to persist in their eagerness to seek a draw and again they crashed with the goalpost of DidacThis time it was Felipe who failed to see the goal just one foot from the goal line, Barça’s advantage was in danger. After a first leg of the meeting in which the best news for Andreu Plaza’s men was the early goal of Ferrao, the first time-out of the game took place, the culé team needed to give another image to be able to leave the final alive.

Aicardo sinks the Well Murcia

And Barça hit again just 2 minutes after the time-out, Aicardo surprised Espindola with a precise cross shot that sneaked into the goal of the Well Murcia, the game was very expensive for him FC Barcelona, who saw how effectiveness was being his best weapon to do damage to Well Murcia. After the second Barça goal, the match began to ask for the mouth of Andreu Plaza’s men who managed to keep the ball in their possession more and were about to increase the advantage with a powerful shot from Lozano that the visiting goalkeeper stopped in a splendid way. Barça defended its advantage tooth and nail in the minutes after 2-0, while the Well could not find a way to reach the goal of Didac who seemed to live comfortably after the brilliant start of the game.

Arriving at the final moments of the first half of the match, Aicardo suffered a very hard hit to the head, the result of a dispute without the ball in which Salas ignored him, he did not receive a warning. The first yellow of the match would be for Barça, specifically for Ferrao after a hard tackle. The first half would end with an advantage for him FC Barcelona, who settled down, and in what way, on the table, aware that the advantage he had (2-0), while Murcia, with two balls crashed on the post, lamented their failed opportunities.

The Well does not give up

The second period began with a rush by the team led by Diego Giustozzi, who needed an early goal to get fully into the match. FC Barcelona, ​​far from being intimidated, continued to insist on the goal of the Murcia well, which he could see as the culé team still had fuel to spare to extend the lead on the scoreboard. The first minutes of the second half passed without a clear dominator of the clash, the Murcia Pozo tried to pressure in the opposite field with the majority of troops but the Barça he managed to overcome that pressure without noticeable difficulties. The defense was being the best asset of FC Barcelona to continue ahead on the scoreboard, the players of Andreu Plaza they were victorious in all disputes near their own area.

However, the defensive solidity of the Barça In the second half, Leo Santana was in charge of putting the 2-1 on the scoreboard when they had only elapsed 4 minutes of the second half, with a subtle definition underneath the legs of Didac. The goal sat like a jug of cold water in the culé team, who saw how their advantage of two goals had been reduced to one and the experience in the semifinals against the Russian KPRF made the doubt seize them. Could put the 3-1 in the electronic FC Barcelona in a play in which they arrived alone Ferrao and DyegoHowever, the Brazilian made a mistake when giving the pass and the ball was lost over the baseline.

A titanic Barça

He Barça managed to keep the Well Murcia after a few minutes in which he suffered greatly, and was rebuilt through long possessions that calmed the meeting as much as possible. It was a final of the Champions League and it was noticeable on the Palau Blaugrana mat, the Murcian team went to the limit in several actions, in one of them the Barça captain Lozano had to need medical assistance after a hard tackle, which ended with the 9 lying on the ground. Barça put on the overalls again and was about to score his third goal in the match through Left who took a tight shot repelled by the Murcia Pozo goalkeeper. The game was completely broken past the equator of the second half, Felipe was about to score the 2-2 with a crossed shot that stopped splendidly Didac, there were moments of tension in the Palau with 6 minutes remaining.

In the final stretch of the meeting the figure of Didac took on vital importance for Barça, the goalkeeper supported the team in several actions of great merit, deploying a true range of ways to stop a ball. They remained 3 minutes for the end of the match and the Murcia well needed the goal that would give them the tie, for this Fernando was chosen to play goalkeeper player, in a desperate attempt not to kneel in the Champions League final. Barça for its part was touching the long-awaited Champions League but still had to resist the final attacks of the Murcian team. The effort of FC Barcelona not to be surprised seconds to the end took effect and they managed to win the championship Uefa Futsal Champions League, after a memorable encounter, which the fans will surely never forget.

In this way, Barça futsal has been crowned with the fifth Uefa Champions League of its record, the last one was achieved neither more nor less than 6 years, those of Andreu Plaza have made history in one of the most complicated years for the sport.

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