The recent victory of the Witham Cricket Club was more than just a small thing as they approached a historic first title in the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Championship.

If Witham crosses the finish line and claims the Division 1 crown against Lakenheath on Saturday, it can hardly be denied that they are worthy titleholders.

Their 149-run win at Ipswich last weekend was Witham's 14th win in a row, and as in pretty much every game since late May, they dominated their opponents in all facets of the game.

After winning the throw and choosing the strike, Witham took full advantage of his luck when Michael Godwin hit for a second consecutive year and James Smith hit 124 of fewer than 100 balls to top it off for two from 50 overs to 301 bring.

It was a daunting goal for the bottom club to track Ipswich, and although they made a pretty solid start and made it to 94 with only one wicket, the last nine fell for 58 runs as the hosts still had 149 runs behind them, when they were all out.

"It was pretty similar to the last game and most of the last 13 or 14 really," said Witham captain Jake Wakelin.

"I think it was just the Woolpit game that was somewhere around because we dominated games, and that was no different.

"We've scored more than 300 goals, a century after Michael Godwin's successful line-up – his fourth 100 of the year from a player who is getting stronger – and backed by an outstanding 100 by James Smith.

"It was his second century for the first team after meeting Frinton last year, but he got 124 out of 90 balls when he and Michael added 200 for the partnership with the third wicket." It was just really impressive of both of them and the throwers then secured it.

"Shaun Bragg got an early wicket and then the spinners came and did the job.

"James & # 39; s century underscores once again the strength we have in depth." He is the fourth player to have a first team of 100 this year.

"We have had people who have spent centuries and great success winning games, and we are lucky that we did not have to rely on one or two people, as many other teams have done."

"We have six or seven capable of doing that, and bowling is the same.

"There are three or four spinners and our opening bowlers, all of whom are capable of pulling five wickets, and this showing against Ipswich was another typical witham performance, with many people making important contributions."

Witham, who heads the division 13 points ahead of second-placed Wivenhoe, will now try to claim the title when Lakenheath arrive on Saturday, but that's not the end of an exciting weekend for the club.

Although Wivenhoe Witham should prepare for the Two Counties title, Wakelin's team will take their place in the play-offs to join the East Anglian Premier League of Read Brothers Ltd.

Wivenhoe declined to be nominated, but Wakelin said Witham was interested in testing himself at the higher level and would enjoy the opportunity to move beyond the play-offs.

With the now guaranteed second place in the Two Counties Championship, Witham goes into the play-offs, which start on Sunday.

Whatever the results of Two Counties the day before, Witham will travel to Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire in the Premier League for Champions Sawston and Babraham for a play-off semi-final.

It was the first time that Sawston and Babraham won their respective championship titles and they have been unbeaten at home in the last three years.