We went to London with @ lucila.godoy and we visited the Dr. Martens factory, the shoes brand that is trending around the world. In @masmarianaok we show you the behind the scenes of the craft making process. Also, the people who are part of this organization that imposes style and forces us to follow it.

The plant is located in Wollastone, on the outskirts of the city of London, it is there where all the elaboration magic happens with more than six decades of tradition.

In 1947 – full post World War II era – Klauss Martens began producing cheap, comfortable and useful shoes. His products were aimed at the English working class. An accident in the ankle led him to invent a resistant footwear for those items that required long hours of work. The army boots bothered his injured foot, so he decided to make his own shoes with flexible leather and sole with air.

The brand was patented in 1960 and from that moment it did not stop growing. In the 70's, it marked a before and after in its history. All urban tribes in London used borcegos as a sign of rebellion.

It reached the mass of the day that Pete Townshend – part of the band of The Who – incorporated this design into their presentations. Regarding the world of punk, they reached Nirvana and Pearl Jam in the early 90's and that marked the second great leap to popularity, now in the United States.

With so many years in the market, today we can find from cordon borcegos of different colors and textures, to children's shoes. They have already conquered virtually all audiences: men, women and children imposing a tendency.