A user recreates the Tower of Sauron in Valheim and the result is spectacular

Throughout the current month of February, the game of the moment has been Valheim. The creation of Iron Gate has been a resounding success in a matter of weeks, combining million players within himself and projecting a robust lifespan for times to come. The developer intends to fully exploit the unexpected boom in creation as well as recent phenomena such as Among Us Y Fall Guys, thus fostering a sense of community that, for now, has already borne its first fruits and that, in the future, it seems that it will only continue to give something to talk about.

In this regard, as reported PCGamesN, a user has made use of the mechanics of the video game to recreate the Tower of Sauron, mythical architectural construction of The Lord of the rings of J. R. R. Tolkien. Specifically, making use of stones and torches, the user of NexusMods Rynborg was able to faithfully replicate the fortress in question, ensuring in the process that everyone has access to it through this link and sharing a video on YouTube that gives us a more detailed look at its composition:

Finally, it is important to highlight that Rynborg made use of two mods, AdvancedBuilding Y Forever Build, in order to guarantee its construction, but there is no doubt that, as Valheim continues to establish itself within the community, there will be more and more tools that players will have at their disposal to materialize such amazing creations as the aforementioned Tower of Sauron.

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