A Valheim player builds the Star Wars Millennium Falcon in-game

Valheim it has become the game of the moment. His success has far exceeded even what Iron Gate AB, the development studio, he hoped. So much that recently have announced that they are in the process of expanding their staff beyond the 5 people who originally made up the team.

It is logical when we consider that, despite being still in the Early Access phase, the title has managed to sell more than 3 million copies in less than 3 weeks, achieving the top positions on Steam and becoming one of the most successful launches in recent years.

The news that reaches us today speaks of the enormous creativity of the players who, as we have said, number in the millions. As you probably know, the game has a construction system, something very common in games of its genre. Although a priori it might seem that it is a somewhat rudimentary system, users have managed to take advantage of it to create structures that are spectacular.

This is the case of the Reddit user Colonel-James-Parker, who has uploaded a post to the well-known forum showing a Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s famous ship from the Star Wars saga, built entirely within Valheim.

For the moment Valheim does not plan to leave the Early Access phase for at least 1 year. From the developer they assure that they first want to polish all the details and update the title with new features before launching version 1.0. Iron Gate Studios already has mapped out a route to follow for 2021, so players can look forward to new content in the remainder of the year.

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