A violation of the T-MEC, if the US does not vaccinate migrant workers against Covid: Ebrard

The Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, said yes U.S does not vaccinate mexican workers against Covid-19, you would be committing a violation to FTA (T-MEC), signed with the US and Canada.

“We consider that any exclusion to mexican workers is a violation of FTA from the section of labor rights and, therefore, we would be applying the provisions that were also agreed between both countries so that Mexico could initiate the corresponding procedures, “said the chancellor at a press conference.

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Ebrard indicated that, although the Covid-19 vaccine is not a labor lawIt is an established right that workers should not be exposed to the virus.

So receive the vaccine It is then a labor law of the Mexican workers in the United States, according to the labor chapter of the TMEC, so the government of Mexico will invoke the Treaty for the ones Mexican workers in the US can be vaccinated.

“The labor chapter is chapter 23 of the Treaty (Free Trade) and establishes things that we take care of in the negotiation by the Mexican team, two articles in particular: article 23.3 (…) and article 23.8 ”, he said.

Article 23.3, he explained, says that both Mexico as U.S must ensure that migrant workers are protected under their labor laws, whether or not they are nationals of the country.

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“This was something that Mexico he insisted a lot and so it was established. I repeat, each party will ensure that migrant workers are protected according to their labor laws, whether or not they are nationals of the party ”, insisted the chancellor.

While article 23.8, he explained, points out that Mexico and U.S must recognize the vulnerability of migrant workers With respect to labor protections, therefore, when implementing article 23.3, “it will be ensured that the migrant workers are protected according to their labor laws, whether or not they are nationals of the corresponding party ”.

“We will be watching, because it is an obligation of the government of U.S agreed in a treaty current international ”, he assured Marcelo Ebrard.

“I know that labor rights are of great interest to unions in U.S Regarding what we do in Mexico, (…) I would tell you that, with the same energy, strength and insistence, we will also ask for your solidarity with the labor movement there, ”he said. Ebrard.

Particularly, added, to the new authorities in U.S, “So that this precept is 100% fulfilled, it is what it will be Mexico, must be guaranteed because it is an obligation of the Government of U.S”.

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