The North Yorkshire police on Wednesday called anyone who knew a woman whose body had been found in a North Yorkshire wood to contact her.

She was Natalie Harker, 30, from Colborn, near Catterick.

Detective Inspector Steve Menzies, of the North Yorkshire Judicial Police, said: "It's a very tragic case that has devastated a family.

"I'm calling anyone who was close to Natalie to make contact.

"If you were a friend, colleague, or member of the same social circle, I urge you to come talk to us and talk to us – even if you think you do not know anything important.

"Any information could help us understand all the circumstances surrounding Natalie's death."

Natalie's body was found in a wood at Brough with St Giles between Colborn and Catterick at 4:45 pm Wednesday.

Anyone with information can contact the detectives by calling 101, option 2 and ask to speak to the Major Crime Investigators Team, by sending an email to or via the public portal of the national police on major incidents on https: //mipp.police. .uk / operation / 12XN19A45-PO1, or via the scout at 0800 555 111. In each case, please quote reference number 12190187139.