In the just-for-fun departmentA team of Israeli scientists has claimed in the Jerusalem Post that they have developed a drug that will cure cancer forever with minimal side effects. "We believe we will be able to provide a complete cure for cancer in one year," said Dan Aridor of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd (AEBi). "Our cancer cure is effective from the first day, takes a few weeks, and has no or minimal side effects at a significantly lower cost than most other treatments available on the market," said Aridor. "Our solution will be both general and personal."

The article was dated January 28th. BioEdge plans to reassess on January 28, 2020 whether the company has achieved its goal. Here is hope

Observers from overseas are skeptical. A blog post at the American Cancer Society found that the development of anticancer drugs is "a long and treacherous journey filled with unforeseen and unexpected obstacles." In addition, the company's research was not published in peer reviewed journals.

I hope the exciting news will not cause the devastation caused by a cancer researcher (played by Emma Thompson) in the great zombie movie I Am Legend.

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