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We will walk through the city and see, again, bars and restaurants open until the afternoon. Timidly, with not much product, perhaps, but it will already be comforting to be able to enter a place and say, as before: “Un Cortado” and sit down (I guess not at the bar, which is my favorite place, but what do I know? are you going to do?). For some time – I would like it to be forever – we will no longer see the workers (the construction workers or those in the taxi, who do not have time to go home to eat) drinking coffee in paper cups and eating their sandwiches in a bench, quickly, quickly, to put the mask back on. We will see them in the bar, seated, again, just not quite believing it.

The idea of ​​a tavern is very old and has all the logic. There is one that offers wine and food to those who come and go, because he is good at cooking. And he realizes that everyone, more or less, is hungry at the same time. I imagine that the first professional chefs are from the time of the invention of fire, when they cooked Mammoth textures for the tribe. Now we have known, thanks to a site in Peru where they found a woman buried with 24 stone tools, that prehistoric women also hunted (I had always known, if I think about who I am). Then, the kitchen was also a unisex issue.

In the literary trips I have made in life (readings in foreign countries, translation presentations …) I have been so grateful that the locales they will show me the restaurants and bars … I have been so happy when someone, thence, Manchester, New York, Paris, Naples, Mexico City have taught me, from irony and love, from the dirtiest taverns to the most exquisite restaurants, that whenever they have come to Barcelona I have devoted myself to doing the same. It is a job that I love.

Accompany them to Vila Viniteca to buy sobrasada from Els Casals and a bottle of Pas Curtei, take them for breakfast omelette with cava at Celler de Gelida, stop by the Bonavista Winery for a cheese, go to dinner at Hisop, which has a star and which is the restaurant that was invented salmonete a la sal wrapped in a handkerchief Guasch, as a lady (one day, by the way, I promise to review the more than twenty star restaurants in Barcelona). Or maybe Monocrom, to taste unusual wines and eat those macaroni. Or the Brutal Bar, to drink natural wines and let yourself be carried away by joy. Or the curious La Clara, who has a wine list that you can’t believe. Or to La Taverna del Clínic, where you can say: “Make me whatever you like”, or to Viduca de Sants, for breakfast with a hot ham and butter sandwich, or to Osmosis, where they will give you an incredible sherry to taste and where they make some cheeks that will make you go crazy, or La Boquería, now that there is room, because there are no tourists. I like when friends call me and tell me: “I am such a place. Where I can go? “. On Monday, if I could, I would go for a snack-dinner at seven to any of these places, to which I wish a long life.

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