According to Mark Gurman, there will be no Apple event on March 16

Earlier in the week it was rumored that Apple would launch an Apple event on March 16. An online event, of course because we are still with this damn pandemic. Nevertheless, Mark Gurman de Bloomberg, has published a tweet in which he stands apart from this rumor and categorically states that there will be no such event that day.

By tradition there could be an Apple event on March 16 but it will not be that day

The rumors had been spread by Taiwanese site Economic Daily News what suggested that there would be an Apple event on March 16. This site was based on the claims made by the LeaksApplePro and FrontTron Twitter accounts. But it’s true that none of them have a history of providing precise details about Apple’s plans.

This news was also echoed by MacRumors on its Twitter account through its editor’s user account Joe Rossignol:

It is true that in other years, Apple has held an event. These are the cases of March 9 (2015), March 21 (2016), March 27 (2018) and March 25, 2019. But it cannot be considered a tradition, because, for example, there were no special events. in that month, in the years 2017 or March 2020. Anyway, to see something in the month of March, what is clear is that it would not be the 16th.

Here we have Mark Gurman’s response stating in a nutshell that there will be no event this March. What happens is that shortly after he launched another couple of messages on the same social network, warning that it will not be that day. Leaving the door open to be done in that month. Taking into account all the devices that Apple has to present, it would be logical that the sooner it starts, the sooner it will have time to announce everything pending.

And not that he refers to it once. Up to two times he hints that it will not be on the 16th but it seems almost certain that there will be an event in March.

It is speculated that the new AirTags (those that have been talked about so much) should be presented but the star should be the new Mac models with M1 and that are so much awaited. Especially the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Not much left to get out of doubt and find out if there will be an Apple event on March 16 or any other day of that month.

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