Olivia CappucciniAndy Murray, the director of the Andy Murray documentary Resurfacing, said that Andy Murray had no influence on the final cut of the film, and the Wimbledon champion had seen the entire film at its premiere in London last week.

In an interview with Tennis365, Cappuccini said, "Andy did not see it until the premiere in London last Monday and his wife Kim released it so she could get into trouble if Andy does not like it!

That meant we were allowed to do the movie we wanted. It was the most honest, honest, and exciting story, and luckily when we showed it to Kim, she did not tell us to change anything. You may be obsessed with showing the sport and think we are making a tennis match but that is not what has become of it.

I was a little worried that Andy fans would not see enough tennis, but we wanted to reach out to the widest possible audience, as this is not just a sports movie. "When Cappuccini talks about Murray opening up to the public in this way because he's such a private person, he says," I've known the family for a few years, as my partner is the brother of Andy's wife Kim and she in January 2018 asked if I would be interested in documenting his recovery after the first hip replacement surgery.

It was his idea to make the film, so I knew he was involved from the beginning and the original plan was that we would film him until his return to Wimbledon in 2018 and the film would become something much bigger , About three or four months later, we realized that the original story had changed, because we did not know if he could come back and the movie then took it to another level. "

The director also hopes the film will change Murray's public outlook, which has never been more popular with fans outside the UK than with the Big Three in men's tennis. "With this movie you can see Andy Murray with his team and his family.

He does not often let people into this world, but he does it here and I hope people like the movie he has allowed us. We wanted to tell a story that not only appeals to tennis fans, but also has a bigger appeal. Amazon invests in a lot of quality content and hopefully adds what they have on their platform. "