Acquisition of Gearbox Software, Aspyr Media and Easybrain has been completed

The big shopping tour of the Embracer Group announced in February was a success: on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 announced (via that Gearbox Entertainment was acquired for a purchase price of $ 1.3 billion. As planned, Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford will continue to manage the company. In addition, together with other employees, he is to become important shareholders of the Embracer Group.

The Embracer Group hopes that the merger will bring further advances in development, publishing and technology within the company. At the same time, the ownership of intellectual property by Gearbox brands like Borderlands is growing. Gearbox thus becomes the seventh operational unit in the group. Commenting on the acquisition in the official press release, Pitchford said:

“Our team is incredibly looking forward to the opportunity that is now opening up for us (…) we have now positioned ourselves to start a new IP, to start more with our existing brands and to grow our base of incredibly talented team members to capitalize on new opportunities in our mission to entertain the world. This is just the beginning. “

At the same time, the takeover of Aspyr Media (by the wholly owned subsidiary Saber Interactive) was completed. According to Embracer, the publisher, who most recently appeared mainly through the releasing of old Star Wars games, is planning to expand its portfolio in the coming years and is currently working on a large project with a budget of 70 million dollars . This should have a high priority within the entire group.

The conclusion of the Fusion with Easybrain, a specialist in mobile games – as the eighth operational unit of the Embracer Group.

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