ACT Now Surrey trustee candidates say students "need to get the education they deserve."

ACT Now Surrey, which stands for Action, Consultation and Transparency, said Tuesday (Sept. 25), in a press release, that it wants to make sure that the Surrey Board of Education "provides Surrey students with the required and legally required study aid . "

The Candidate List consists of candidates Niovi Patsicakis, a retired Surrey Teacher Support Teacher; Aronjit Lageri, a clinical instructor who is today a medical imaging manager; and Dupinder Kaur Saran, a nurse.

"It's been a whole year since the school board in Surrey could have and need to remedy the shortage of teachers to properly support our students," said Patsicakis.

The press release states, "Despite the 2016 Supreme Court decision to restore BC's teacher-student ratios, this has not been realized."

Patsicakis said the school board needed to comply with the Supreme Court order of Canada "to hire an additional 250 teaching support teachers for the 2017-18 school year, which would help at least 7,000 more vulnerable students.

Saran said that these are important years in the life of the students and that the school board must take into account their educational needs.

"If we do not, it could negatively affect their self Appreciation, mental health and the entire future. Restoring student-teacher ratios is not a luxury we can afford to postpone to a future date, "said Saran.

Last year, Surrey's school district hired 66 fewer teaching support teachers.

Then, in May 2018, the school district said it intends to hire 66 new teachers, 24 education assistants and 28 assistants for the expected growth of 850 additional students in the 2018-1919 academic year.

ACT Now Surrey also said in the publication that it wants to ensure that enough teachers are hired on call so that "non-enrolling teachers are not constantly being pulled out to replace class teachers as this puts necessary programs on hold."


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