Activision-Blizzard to lay off more than 100 workers to prioritize outsourcing

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The actions of Activision-Blizzard In the last time they are quite questionable, to the point that one doubts that the company really thinks about its members, in this same period a year ago, the company announced the dismissal of more than 800 workers, in the same period as the company it broke profit records. Now from an anonymous source, it is known that the company plans to close more offices, following the closure of its offices in Versailles and The Hague in October this year.

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As reported MCV/DEVELOP, a source who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted them to report what happened. According to this source, the team of the company that manages the Asia-Pacific region received the news yesterday from Activison-Blizzard on the layoff of more than 100 workers, from marketing, public relations and customer service, who now face imminent layoff.

When the source was asked the reasons for these layoffs, he said it was because the company is shifting its entire workforce to a full subcontracting system:

“Part of Activision doesn’t believe in community management. They think their games sell themselves. They’d rather spend millions on a Beyonce tweet about Call of Duty instead of hiring a bunch of good people. “

These changes are likely due to the announcement by the CEO of Activision-Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, to expand the company’s workforce to more than 2,000 people the following year, workers who apparently will be mostly outsourced.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord


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