Activision Blizzard to put StarCraft II in the background

Through an official statement released yesterday October 15 and signed by the vice president of Activision Blizzard, Rob Bridenbecker, the company announced that he will leave StarCraft II in the background.

Consequently, the RTS will stop receiving new content, where it will only have patches focused on its balance and new seasons, in addition to maintaining its commitment to the game’s eSports, which will be maintained through its partners ESL Gaming and GSL. It was also confirmed that extra content will stop coming out for sale, either commanders or warchest for the game.

Although they do not mention a particular reason regarding the reasons that led them to this decision in the statement, they explain that this plan will allow the development team to think about the next step to take in the franchise.

Notably StarCraft II received its patch 5.0 in July of this year, which celebrated 10 years since its launch. It contained improvements to the editor as well as to the creation tools, such as transitions between custom campaign maps, mission achievements, among others.

You can read the full statement here.

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