Activision receives plagiarism lawsuit of Call of Duty character Mara


Mexico City / 13.02.2021 20:52:34

Mara, female character of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, became one of the most popular of the video game; however, thanks to her the developer Activision faces legal problems, since a photographer claims copyright,

According to the medium Kotaku, through the source Torrentfreak, the photographer Clayton Haugen He assured that he created the character years ago, even saying that he worked with Alex Zedra, an actress who personifies Mara, to realize the idea.

Through his social networks, the cameraman shared images of his design, which Activision appropriated and changed her name to Mara.

The lawsuit, according to Kotaku, accuses the developer of relying on the photos of the designs, but also for having hired the actress on whom it was based.

Likewise, Haugen assures They hired the same makeup professional and it was even made up of the same design. In turn, he maintains that the character is exactly the same as the photoshoots he took. Finally, he stated that when scanning the actress, they took her images as a reference.

On the other hand, the representative of the photographer explained that created the character and took the photographs in order to attract the interest of film producers.

“There is no doubt that this was a planned and deliberate effort to duplicate the striking images created by Mr. Haugen. The evidence included in our presentation clearly shows the similarities between the original images and the digitized character, as well as the actual use of images of Mr. Haugen “, assures the representative through a statement.

“Defendants Activision Publishing Inc., Activision Blizzard Inc. and Major League Gaming Corp. have asserted that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare It sold more than $ 1 billion in downloads as well as physical copies through retailers like GameStop in the first three months. after its launch in October 2019 “, ends the document.



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