Actor Laurence Fox goes into politics to recover British values


Updated:12/11/2020 20:30h


Earlier this year, the British actor Laurence Fox He was accused of being a racist for saying that Meghan Markle did not leave the Royal Family – and the United Kingdom – for having suffered discrimination because of her skin color. A teacher then pointed out his privileges, that is, being a man and a white man, and from there the accusations of racism against him spread. They told me I was a vile human being, they threatened that my career would end», Explained this Thursday during a meeting with foreign correspondents in London. “He was very upset,” he added, since although he does not like the word, he considers himself “anti racist»-Although he affirms that it is not worth having to prove that it is not- and a few months later he decided that it was time for an organized debate on freedom of expression.

This is how the idea of Reclaim, the political party that he has just launched and with which he intends to vindicate and recover the British values ​​that, he considers, are being lost. «We want to reclaim the values ​​of our nation, which are at risk right now“, He assures, and details that” traditions and culture are very important to unite people. He appeals to common sense and “the truth” and although he admits that he does not like threats or accusations he suffers, “I was raised to be brave” and “I always get up, no matter how many times they hit me.”

More close to the right wing of the political spectrum, affirms that throughout his life he has voted for different formations, and even gave the vote at some point to the former leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, but that his party advocates values, and that these are not from the left or the right.

Although she defends equal rights between men and women, not only does she not define herself as “feminist” but she also says she mistrusts those who do. “I don’t think it is necessary to label oneself”, This well-known actor affirms that he voted to stay in the European Union in the 2016 referendum, but once the majority decision was known, he defended that this collective option of leaving the community bloc should be, above all, respected.

It qualifies as “pure misogyny” the attacks on the author of Harry Potter by many trans activists, “who do not recognize the biological differences between men and women” and who use terms such as “people who bleed or people who menstruate to call women.” Precisely to the harassment that those like JK Rowling suffer for their opinions is what he talks about when he defends the sacred value “of the right to freedom of expression”, something that he feels is increasingly penalized in today’s society, despite the fact that he considers that The United Kingdom is «without a doubt one of the most welcoming countries and the world’s multicultural ”.

Known primarily for his role as Detective James Hathaway on the BBC drama series’Lewis», He is also a singer, guitarist and composer, and assures that he is not worried about the consequences that it will have on his career as an artist the leap into politicsa, which he sees simply as a way to «leave my children a better world than the one we have», He asserts.

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