Actress Jenny Agutter says she can not completely understand # MeToo victims & # 39; they complain after meeting industry figures By

Jennifer Ruby Senior Showbiz correspondent for the daily newsletter

7:37 pm EST, January 7, 2019

01:57 EST, January 8, 2019

Last year, Hollywood took a stand against sexual abuse and inequality because # MeToo stories flooded the industry. But British actress Jenny Agutter has now dragged the victims of abuse because they put themselves in vulnerable situations. Law Agutter, 66, said she did not & # 39; completely & # 39; can Understand why young actresses would only talk to senior figures from the film industry unless they & # 39; attractive & # 39; liked. "I can never fully understand the people who got into trouble." In the United States there were occasions when you might be asked to go to a private screening or someone's place and you just did not – unless you found the person very attractive, in whichever case you did it, & # 39; she told the Radio Times.

Jenny Agutter has condemned the victims of abuse because they have placed themselves in vulnerable situations (pictured at Lorraine in September 2018) & # 39; But if they are not really attractive, there is nothing to gain, because it is clear what you indicate by to go . & # 39; Miss Agutter, who had a relationship with director Patrick Garland at age 19, said she & # 39; Happiness & # 39; had never been in that situation. & # 39; It is awful that someone uses his power in that situation way. That's wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong – no doubt about it, "she said.

Miss Agutter, 66, said she can not fully understand & # 39; why young actresses would only talk to senior film industry figures unless they're attractive & # 39; found (see February 2016). What is sad is that you are in a situation where you have to negotiate about it: you should not do that. I was lucky that I never had to do it. & # 39; She added: & # 39; In the United States, I went out with someone who was in the studio system – a producer – and that's why I was a bit protected. & # 39; No one came to me, with him there! It was a bit like you had the Mafia around you. & # 39;

Miss Agutter, who at the age of 19 had a relationship with director Patrick Garland (photo) and said that she & # 39; happiness & # 39; had never been in that situation. What she would have done if she had been in that position, Miss Agutter said: "Quickly go back out the door! Because there is no part that is worth it – and I think there is also a bit of an arrogance in me, which means: "If you do not throw me because I'm right for the part, why are we in this situation? "" The actress said she did not regret her romance with Mr. Garland despite the controversial age difference of 17 years between them. "No, not at all. It was a very important, very good relationship. He was very interesting and it went on for so long – a good few years. He was a very nice person, "she said. Miss Agutter grew to 16 in the BBC adaptation of The Railway Children in 1968 and only three years later won an Emmy Award for her role in The Snow Goose. She starred in BBC & # 39; s hit drama Call the Midwife since 2012.

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