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The Turkish TV series “Hercai” was a hit on TVN with its first two seasons. This love story of Mirán and Reyyan captivated the audience, in addition to the evil character of Azize and the problems within the Sadoglu family.

One of the most beloved characters was Melike. Her role was to be the housekeeper for the Sadoglu family, and one of Reyyan’s best friends. Melike, was protected by Mirán’s wife, who did whatever it took to make them respect her, always emphasizing that she was his friend.

The person who gives life to the housekeeper is Aslı Samat, the 29-year-old actress who debuted in 2015 with the Turkish film “Uzaklarda Arama”, a drama that deals with a group of inhabitants of towns near the capital of Turkey, who move to live downtown.

At another time in her life, the young woman’s appearance was very different from what can be seen today on her social networks. In her teens the interpreter weighed 173 kilos. The exact figure was revealed by the actress herself to the magazine of the chain that broadcasts “Hercai” in Turkey, where she disclosed details of the complex process that began six years ago to strictly lose weight.

The day the “Hercai” actress decided to change

According to Aslı, the change came one night when he realized that he had to change his lifestyle, which included eating pizza or pasta for breakfast: “I had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the night. I was unhappy, without love, without work, without money, without anything, ”said the actress.

Then he added: I made my decision overnight. I cried, I cried, I got up in the morning and told my mother that I wanted to have surgery on my stomach ”.

The actress said that her mother told her that she had tried to talk to her about weight, but that out of fear of her reaction, she never did. “I lost 98 kilos, but I want to lose 100. Of course, I have not lost both yet. last. Currently I weigh 75 kilos ”, declared the young woman in 2019.

“I was ashamed not to be able to sit in double seats on the bus (…) My mother sewed my clothes because she couldn’t find them. Now I have none of that, I distributed it all. I know that I will not gain so much weight again ”, he commented referring to why he decided to lose weight.

On the other hand, the young Hercai participant mentioned that today she maintains a healthy lifestyle: “There are people who make diet lists, they say, ‘sister, take a look’. But I am not a doctor, I do not comment so as not to give false information, “he said.

Look how the actress looks

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