Adapt the Barcelona Science plan to the context of the pandemic

In the last year, the situation caused by COVID-19 has changed the social, political and economic reality of the city. The changes have also affected the content of the Barcelona Science Plan 2020-2023, which was presented on March 10, just before the crisis began due to the COVID-19.

During the second half of 2020, reviews of the plan were carried out to incorporate initiatives, modifications and solutions to the new challenges posed by the pandemic. Your review will now be completed with a open participatory process.

The process “We reinvigorate the science plan»Will be carried through the platform Decidim.Barcelona. Citizens and the scientific and academic fabric of the city may present their proposals until March 12 to complete the plan review.

During the first week of March, virtual discussion and work sessions will be scheduled to generate debates and address the initiatives that have arisen from the proposals.

Until now, the science plan has received reflections and various contributions to review it, from the science professionals present in the Pact for Barcelona, ​​in the meeting that the mayor held with leaders from the world of science and research in the city , in April 2020, the contributions of the members of the Barcelona Scientific Advisory Council or those included in the Municipal Action Plan (PAM), among others.

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