ADDINGHAM defeated Ilkley on Saturday with two runs in an exciting local derby in the Aire-Wharfe Cricket League.

Addingham was relegated to bat and six players scored more than 20 runs, led by Robert Ellis & # 477 when home team scored 231-9.

Ilkley's Will Lennard and Robert Spivey scored 4-51 and 3-38, respectively.

Captain William Spivey (44) made a solid start to the Ilkley-innings, but it was Robert Spivey (46) who scored the most goals for the visitors.

Ilkley took three until his last wicket to win in the final, but Addison's Daniel Ellis prevailed in the first ball against Robert Spivey and secured a win in two runs for the home team when Ilkley dropped by 229.

Ted Haggas (5-63) took some important wickets for Addingham.

Otley remains at the head of Division One with three goals at Burley-in-Wharfedale.

Captain Jason Wright opened the Burley Innings and his 71 was top score for his side.

Wright had a 55-ball partnership with Nicholas Brook, who scored 59 goals when Burley netted 220-8.

Stephen Brown took 4-53 for Otley, who topped the Burley goal in the 47th.

Opener Jamie Pickering (81) scored for Otley at 224-7.

Horsforth also went into the final and secured a five-wicket win against North Leeds.

Barry Singleton's 60 led North Leeds to a total of 217 (all), while Horsforth's Michael Lambert won 4:64.

But opener Ben Heritage Innings of 96 of 148 balls proved crucial to Horsforth.

He brought Horsforth to 212-5 before being thrown by Tom Hudson, but James Brenann and Ben Bowman led Horsforth (219-5) over the line with three balls.

A century ago from Chrishna Graham (102), Rawdon gave home a 3-wicket win for nobility.

Nobility hit 178-9 when Rawdon's Andrew Doige won 4-41, but Graham's century, which included seven six and seven four's of 108, led Rawdon (181-7) past his goal in the 39th.

The weather forced pools to crash against Collingham and Linton.

Collingham scored 172 points and pool was 130-8 when the match was canceled on the 39th over.

Istikhar Hussains 6-26 helped Follifoot (120-3) beat Bilton (119) by seven wickets.

Saltaire maintained his lead in Division 2 with a 31-game win over Tong Park Esholt.

With a ninth goal of 83 from Aftab Khan (47) and Jhanzaib Sulari (37), Saltaire scored 200 points while Mick Scott of Tong Park finished 4:35.

Despite a 79th of Fawad Maqsood, Tong Park Esholt was shot for 169 with Overs to spare.

After half a century of Robbie Miller (64), Henry Barrow (55) and Rob Withers (52), Ben Rhydding (258) beat Beckwithshaw (176) by 82 runs.

Guiseley (152-8) defeated Olicanian (149) with two wickets.

Olssonians' James Gifford (52) from overseas was the top scorer of the day, while the Guiseley pair Benn Hallas (4-31) and Marcus Brown (4-35) were the bowlers.

Steve Phillips (67) was in great shape with the bat and Sam Wilkinson (6-26) was good with the ball to Horsforth Hall Park (196 all out) for a 106-run win against New Rover (90 all out) too help. ,

Steeton suffered a defeat of 107 runs by Bardsey.

Tom Franklin, 79, and Jo Milner, 63, completed a 110-run partnership for the fourth wicket to lead Bardsey to 257-8.

Amjad Ali broke through the Steeton beat order, scoring 8.3 overs with 6-23, while Steeton topped 150 overs with 37.3 overs.

With a 79 from Ally Long, Calverley St Wilfrids (230) remained at the top of Division Three with a 47-win over Tong Park Esholt II (183).

Green Lane (177 all out) is second after defeating Menston (46 out of all) with 131 runs.

The highlight for Green Lane was the opening fixtures Neil Britton (5-21) and Azhar Mahmood (5-25), who broke Menston's batting order in 18.5 overs.

Harden defeated Alwoodley with 76 runs. Opener Travis Nightingale (48) scored for Harden, who was defeated by Wahab Hussain with a 5-34 win for Alwoodley 147 minutes before the end of the match.

In response, Alwoodley had to bowl for 71 in 19.2 overs as Harden opening bowlers Matthew Hogg and Daniel Viles took 5-35 and 4-29, respectively.

Howard Johnson's cask helped St. Chad's Broomfield beat Skipton by 114 runs.

Johnson hit 111 out of 114 balls as St Chad's raced to 235-7.

Wicketkeeper Rob Walker (47) was the only player to score more than 20 runs for Skipton, who had lost 121 to Overs 121.

Rahul Sidhartha (5-17) and Ewan Brannan (4-13) were the favorites among the bowlers of St. Chad.

An 82 from Matt Hinks led Leeds Modernians (226-6) to a win in Thackley (224).