Adidas to launch South Park Towel-based sneakers

Adidas continues to collaborate with different companies to create trainers inspired by popular franchises. Thus, after announcing models in collaboration with LEGO and Star Wars, now the sports brand presented its new sneakers South Park.

But these shoes are not inspired by the protagonists of the animated series and their focus is nothing more and nothing less than Towel.

In this sense, these sneakers corresponding to the Campus 80s model not only sport a distinctive lavender color, but they also have striking eyes that make it clear that Towel is their inspiration.

But of course the most curious thing about these shoes is neither the towel texture nor details such as the legend and pocket inside the shoe, but one of the points that stands out the most is that these sneakers change color under UV light and in particular eyes get red to give the effect that is appreciated when the character is drugged.

According to the portal Sole Collector, these Towelie slippers would be part of a broader collaboration between Adidas and South Park. However, that is not yet confirmed and in fact there is not even a date for the launch of this model although it is speculated that it could come out around April 20 (4/20).

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