Adolescent climate activists with national and departmental authorities – Information – 11/21/2020

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A group of teenage climate activists met yesterday with national and departmental authorities to exchange about their rights, challenges, and future perspectives with a focus on the climate change and the environment. The meetings participated Elected mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse; the Minister of the Environment, Adrian Peña; the president of Codicen, Robert Silva, and the director of INJU, Felipe Paullier.

Young people from all over the country, gathered from a Unicef ​​call, carried out a participatory process in which they were trained and reflected on these issues. Through virtual meetings of joint work they developed a manifesto that gathers their proposals around five axes: clean energy, sustainable production, waste management, citizen participation and education and awareness. In the meetings with the leaders they presented their reflections and ideas.

Among other things, they propose “adapting the infrastructure to move towards more sustainable transport”, which implies “promoting pedestrian mobility in specific places, as has been done during the pandemic; promote the use of public transport; increase cycle paths and make exclusive parking for bicycles throughout the country “.

They want to promote recycling paid with tickets for transport, supermarket or cinema. They propose “to improve the control and application of sanctions (such as community work) and higher fines for companies for not guaranteeing traceability and correctly managing their waste.” They suggest turning the proceeds to initiatives that promote Environmental care.


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